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Wheel: Stand & Cage Mounts

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Standard Floor Stand is Triangular in shape and raised 

Floor:  Flat Rectangle – Lays flat on the floor of cage

Open Rectangle – Lays flat on the floor of cage with opening in front. 

All floor stands will come with (2) twists - cage locks.  They can be used to hold the wheel in place on the floor of the cage.  They are not necessary but included for your convenience.

Wire Cage Side Mounts:

  • Horizontal Side Mount - Mounts sideways on the cage and fits directly behind the wheel.  Not visible when looking at the wheel.  Not recommended for the Titan Wheel
  • Vertical Side Mount – Mounts Up/Down on the cage directly behind the wheel.  You will be able to see this when looking at the wheel.
  • We have no idea what type of cage you own and cannot guarantee it can/will withstand, nor uphold the weight and/or vibration of the wheel.  It is possible that side mounted wheels will break the welds on some of the smaller wired cages.



The wheel MUST sit on TOP of the PVC pipe (all stands).  If it's a side mount, there is a small piece of pipe glued into the fitting, a floor stand has the upright pole.  If these are not mounted properly, your wheel WILL FALL OFF.

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