The Walkabout features a fully zippered, enclosed mesh compartment for your "favorite pocket companion" complete with your choice of various coordinating cage pouches and a travel water bottle. Another zippered compartment becomes your purse and will hold ALL your "must have" personal items. 

The purse compartment contains enough room for your glasses, wallet, checkbook or cellphone, an inside zippered pocket with and there's still a little room to spare! There are outside pockets on each side and is an over the shoulder bag!

All Walkabout's are handmade upon receipt of each order and will take approximately 3 - 12 weeks to complete, depending upon orders in hand. 

Do you want a  Walkabout made completely as a cloth purse?  This option is available too! This product turns out beautifully made either way!

 Safety Note

The Walkabout is NOT a Travel Carrier to be used in your vehicle. It does not contain PVC Poles nor Wire Panels and cannot be held safely and securely using your automobile's safety belt. 

To ensure your Glider's safety when transporting in any moving vehicle, it is VERY important to have a small cage or travel carrier you are able to secure with a seat belt.