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Treadmill - HANGING Stand

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The ORIGINAL Treadmill! Veterinarian Approved! "I think this is a good product that expands the possibilities for glider owners and results in both mental and physical exercise for all gliders." - Dr. Tim Tristan DVM DABVP R/A                 **NOTE:  A Hanging Stand was NOT reviewed, Dr. Tristan received a floor stand.**

The Treadmill has a solid running surface, a fleece cozy (cover) and your choice of stands.

To expedite shipping by not having to wait for a cozy/cover to be sewn, choose a PREMADE Treadmill Cover

The hanging stand will also sit on the floor with no additional parts needed. Large 12" Treadmill: Approximate measurements are 7" tall x 12" wide (diameter) on Floor Stand 7" tall x 12" diameter x 16" long on the Hanging Stand

The Stands are Permanently attached to the treadmill. You will receive a floor stand lock to help keep the stand from moving around. If you require MATCHING covers, please let us know when placing your order. We personally do not hang our treadmill - some of our customers love their's hanging, which is why the hanging stand has been added.


We highly recommend the treadmill remain in the center of the cage, whether on the floor or hanging. By placing it in the center you will provide enough space so the glider can lean off the sides or jump off without hitting the wall/side of the cage, we don't want anyone getting hurt. It is imperative you maintain proper nail manicures otherwise their nails can/will get caught in the fabric which could lead to injury. You will receive a stand lock to help hold the treadmill in a centralized location.

Note: The treadmill is fully operational without the use of a cozy.

NOTE:  The treadmill stand has changed - much slimmer design and entire stand now sits flat on the floor

More Information can be found here.

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