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When a Travel Carrier meets a Small Cage, TWO products become ONE TRAVEL SIZE CAGE!

Travel Carrier measuring 17" x 17" x 7" 
Small Travel Cage measuring 17" x 17" x 23"

What's so special about these two products?  When you reach your destination, zip the carrier to the top of the small travel cage.  Unzip the door flaps, roll and secure them to reveal a nice sized Travel Cage measuring 17" x 17" x 30"

Each zipper has a side release buckles to provide extra security.  
Carry Strap
Solid Bottom and Back Panel to Protect Floor and Wall
Zip Close Storage/Carry Bag

Perfect size for Travel, Quarantine, Emergencies and Temporary Cage

Breeders, how about offering these to your customers for that first trip home?  They'll have a safe carrier to use in the car and the perfect size cage for a joey!  

Intro's.   What a perfect time to have two enclosures that act as one!  Now you can place your new "baby" in the top carrier and the established crew in the bottom cage.  The screen of each carrier provides peace of mind for you, while keeping everyone safe and secure.  You will be able to leave them close together for longer periods of time, so let the meeting begin!

Truckers,  I believe this will be a good fit for your truck.  Only in the bunk so it won't obstruct your vision when driving and if you want to move it while you sleep, it'll fit in the passenger seat!  

Also a great size to use in motor homes!

Do you have an emergency where there is absolutely NO jumping and minimal movement allowed?  The carrier will make a good cage for this healing process.  

PLENTY of space to hang a pouch (or two), their favorite toys and a Large Wheel .... so those travel wheels will work like a dream!  

You will not be disappointed with the Travel-ER cage.  

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