Not the typical "human" Treadmill!

Why do you want one?  Maybe your pet is unable to use a wheel or just doesn't want to hopefully the treadmill will provide some of that missed exercise!  

A Treadmill can be used . . . Everywhere!

Put it in the cage and leave it just like the wheel, use it for tent time and it will fit in most travel cages too! 



Veterinarian Approved!   "I think this is a good product that expands the possibilities for glider owners and results in both mental and physical exercise for all gliders."

- Dr. Tim Tristan DVM DABVP R/A


12" round surface which is slightly angled and covered with a Fleece cozy.  Additional cozies are available for purchase.


Why the slant/angle?  When jumping on the treadmill, it will move, this movement will intrigue them.  It is guaranteed they are going to try to figure out exactly what it is, why it's moving and what they are supposed to do.  But take my word for it -- by balancing themselves, they can make it come to a complete stop and just sit there!


It is highly suggested that the treadmill be in the center of the cage (a few inches from the sides) to ensure the glider has room to jump off if they want!


To begin, you may need to entice your pet by putting a few treats in the center.  As with everything put into cages and enclosures, they will explore and will need to learn how use it.  You may not see them using it - but come time for cleaning the cage and accessories - you may just see the tell-tale signs that they've been on it!


The cozy slips on and off easily for quick cleaning!  The cozies are just like all the fabric items we place in our cages - there is a chance the nails will become caught in the material, proper nail manicures will help to alleviate this problem.  No cozy actually required, it can be used without the cozy.


We cannot guarantee that all will love the treadmill.  There are some that use it more than the wheel, others show little interest and some just bounce between the two.  Just like children, no two are alike!


NOTE: We personally do not hang our treadmill - some of our customers love theirs hanging, which is why the hanging stand has been added. We highly recommend the treadmill remain in the center of the cage, whether on the floor or hanging. By placing it in the center you will provide enough space so the glider can lean off the sides or jump off without hitting the wall/side of the cage, we don't want anyone getting hurt. It is imperative you maintain proper nail manicures otherwise their nails can/will get caught in the fabric.


With each purchase, you will receive a cage lock to prevent it from sliding around in the cage. We are not responsible for any accidents due to improper use or alterations made to the treadmill and/or stand(s). **


This is not the "Flying Saucer" but we will make covers for them.

Reminder:    A potential risk exists when using fabric in pet products, nails can become caught or stuck in the fabric. Please maintain proper nail manicures to reduce risk or injury.

Prototype Reviews


* I think this is a really great option for paralyzed gliders and those recovering from HLP.


* Whiskey's first night with the Treadmill:  She got on it and moved a few steps, it moved under her with her staying in one place.  She looks up at me like "What the hell?"  Then she walks some more, stops and it keeps moving.  Then she went to the side and looked under it; then got back up and started walking again.  Then she got totally off and went underneath it.  She climbed back up and started walking again, stopped and looked under it again.  She was determined to figure out how that thing was working!


* The Treadmill is in for the trial run.  I must say they were intrigued and interested about this new thing that was in their cage!  Bandit and Ozzie kept going back and back.  It would move, they would take a few steps . . . then ride it as it turned, then take a few steps . . .  then jump off.  Teeka was on it and as soon as it moved, she headed for the hills!


First Customer Comment:

"I've never seen my babies love a wheel more than the treadmill.  They don't seem to want to leave it alone.  It's quite adorable really, and I found I can even fit it in their travel cage for trips, which makes them ecstatic." -keitorin



Treadmill Details - Released for sale date 12/16/2011

In Customer Review 11/01/11    Info Release Date 12/09/11    Shipping Begins 12/19/11

As announced in January 2012:  A variation will be coming by mid-year.  

Due to requests during evaluation period - there will be a treadmill with sides on it - like the wheel. Maybe we'll call it Tilt-a-Whirl or Tilt-n-Whirl.