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Crocheted Scrubbie
Crocheted Scrubbie


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Just like the name "Scrubbie" implies this cloth is perfect for cleaning powder coated and plated cages or glass aquarium.  The unique texture of the yarn used to make these provides you enough “grit” to remove the “stuck on” matter on enclosures.  No longer do you need a harsh scouring pad and worries about whether you scratch or damage the cage.  

Directions for use:  Wet with warm water, scrub area, rinse if you’ve used a cleaning product and let your pet’s home dry. 

Warning:  Check plastics in a non conspicuous spot to be sure it does not scratch.

Care:  Can be washed in the washing machine on a warm, gentle cycle.  Tumble dry on low.  Or hang to dry, being made from polyester it is fast drying!

Other uses:  Use as a washcloth, gentle on the skin and great for exfoliating.  Perfect for washing dishes, pots and pans.

You will quickly come to love this cloth!  Scrunches up nice and tightly to get into those tight spots, very easy to manipulate.

Made from 100% Polyester 

Size:  Approximately 6" x 5.5"

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