Rolling Entertainment for the Floor

Introducing the Run-a-bout! This safe roller is for the floor, kind of like the hamster wheel. You will love watching your pet running across the floor, stop, turn and make it go in a different direction.  This is one toy that is sure to your bring you hours of entertainment and laughs!

  • Both ends are Open (cut like the front of your wheel)
  • Comes with (2) covers - fleece in your color choice with a black pet screen center. 
    • The covers have elastic which fits over the (lid) opening tightly. 
      • Once the covers are on - this is fully enclosed.
      • Easy to remove in a hurry if the need arises.
  • Mesh track allows waste to fall through onto the floor
  • Track is slightly raised from floor - keeping little toes from reaching floors and/or getting caught in low-pile carpeting
  • Comes in two sizes 
    • Large 12”
    • Medium 9"
    • Track currently measures 7" across

WARNING!  Do NOT use on or near the steps or table tops where a chance of falling may occur.

After listening to people talk about the "hamster" ball dangers and "wishing" there was something available they could safely use for their sugar gliders, we thought "why not make our version of the hamster ball?"

A little story about the "creation" of the Run-a-bout

August 2012

The structure was easy since we already had a safe product used for pets to run ... our wheel!  So why not just use the wheel track and fronts, now came the how do we cover the openings and allow easy access to the pet inside? Once we had completed our design, it was introduced to a few in the community for evaluation, at this time someone mentioned seeing something like it. We were given the contact information and contacted this person. 

Johanna Teague had made a version of our run-a-bout, different but same concept. Hers was for personal use and at that time none were being sold. She gave us permission to make and sell our Run-a-bout but did mention she may want to offer her version for sale at a later time.  Johanna even purchased one of ours and uses it for her sugar gliders.

So "yes" ours was the first to be introduced to the various pet communities but Johanna actually constructed the first version of this idea.  Amazing how two complete strangers, from different walks of life, came up with the same idea but slightly different design!  Neither knowing the other, nor that each had developed their own version of the same idea!  

The Run-a-bout made its debut public appearance 09/15/2012 at the MonkeyPalooza!  A full size glider was put in the small 7" roller (no longer carry this size) and moved flawlessly across the carpet, over throw rugs and easily maneuvered the run-a-bout to go in another direction.