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FAQ for Glide-ariums

Why settle for an imitation when you can order an original Glide-arium™?
*Please be aware that there are fraudulent reproductions of the Glide-arium™ Mesh Enclosures. If you have not ordered it directly from Glider Nursery or SpinZone Global, it is NOT an official Glide-arium™ cage and Glider Nursery cannot warranty imitations. Permission has been given to Dallie at SpinZone Global to reproduce any size or style of my Glide-arium™ mesh enclosure cages.

Glide-ariums™ mesh enclosures are a permanent cage alternative for your sugar gliders. They also make excellent travel cages because of the ease of tear down and set-up. They can be conveniently transported in a travel carry-all by SpinZone Global.

Glide-arium™ cages are made of sturdy vinyl coated polyester and are available in a variety of colors. Glide-arium™ mesh enclosures and frames are made to order, so please allow 3-6 weeks for delivery. If you need your Glide-arium™ mesh enclosure by a specific date, please contact me prior to placing the order to ensure I am able to meet your requirements.

You can order the combo (Glide-arium™ mesh enclosure & frame) or just the Glide-arium™ mesh enclosure. These do not stretch like the old style screens. Existing frames may need to be trimmed as I have found that all frames are not identical. It is recommended to order frames at the same time to ensure a quality fit.

Each frame made is tested to ensure a quality fit to your Glide-arium™ mesh enclosure prior to shipping. A rubber mallet is used to obtain a snug fit between the pipe and the connectors. DO NOT force the mesh onto the frame. Doing so will result in ripped seams as this material does not stretch or give. If the mesh does not go onto the frame, the frame was not assembled properly.

To clean your Glide-arium™ mesh enclosure, it is recommended to rinse out the larger screens in the shower with warm water. Smaller screens may fit in the *washing machine, on gentle cycle, mild soap, and cold water. Do not bleach, do not place into the dryer. A mild 10% mixture of vinegar and water may be used.

*Disclaimer: Based on the differences and ages of washing machines, it is possible that the Glide-arium™ mesh enclosure, like any other garment, could become entangled in the agitator and potentially become damaged. We will not warranty your product if damaged in a washing machine.

To hang cage accessories in your new Glide-arium™ mesh enclosure, you must have either stainless steel eyes, fleece pole covers or large links. Do not hang or attach anything to the mesh; doing so will damage your Glide-arium™ mesh enclosure.

Glide-arium™ Mesh Travel Carriers

These carriers are made from vinyl coated polyester and were designed to be a travel CARRIERS for vet visits or car travel. This design was created by Nancy1202 who wanted an alternative carrier to the wire ones. This carrier is sewn together and features a zippered front opening. Dimensions are approximately 12" x 12" x 7" deep and it is sturdy enough to seat-belt into the back seat. The strap was made long enough to carry over your shoulder.

Please keep in mind, these carriers are primarily for vehicle travel and not for extended stays. They also work great to hold your glider during cage-cleaning time!

Frame Assembly Instructions