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Freeze Dried Modified Leadbeaters Diet

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One Per Household
Part Number: FREE-BML
Availability: In Stock.
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There will be no sales of Freeze Dried BML - Please click on the additional info tab for more details.  HOWEVER,  With hurricane and tornado season upon us, we will be offering a package of Freeze-Dried BML, enough to feed one sugar glider for a week, free of charge, you need only pay shippping. 

Modified Leadbeaters Diet Staple in a Freeze Dried, Powdered Form

Perfect to have on hand for traveling, in your emergency or evacuation kit.
Manufactured using the EXACT recipe, freeze drying and then mixing to a powder form.

Single Serving Preparation is easy!  Just add ONE Tbsp Powdered Staple to ONE Tbsp Water, Mix Well and SERVE 

Staple must be fed with a strict list of fruits and vegetables in order to remain a Balanced Diet.
  • Vegetables:  Corn, Peas, Carrots and Green Beans
  • Fruits:  Apples, Grapes, Watermelon, Cantalope, Melon, Blueberries and pitted Cherries
  • Mealworms as a treat
Yield:  1 Bag feeds 1 Sugar Glider for approximately ONE WEEK

National Research Council has not established recommended requirements for a Sugar Glider.  

Bourbon Hackworth - redesigned the original BML diet for Captive gliders.  This is a time tested diet!

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