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Cozy Clip Set

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A Sugar Glider Joy Creation - Cozy Clip Set

The Cozy Clip Set offers you another option for nail trimming.  

  • Place a mealworm or their favorite treat in the pouch or open the pouch and place over your glider, pinch the pouch closed under them.  
  • If they get upset, place them on your chest for a little cuddle.  
  • Clip off the sharp tip of each nail.  
  • Use the fleece blanket as a shield to protect them from bright lights.  
  • It may take a few times for you and your glider to become comfortable clipping nails, but with a little practice, it will become much easier and less stressful for both.  
  • Available in TWO sizes, Standard for gliders up to 120 grams and Large for those a little fluffier.  
  • Wash by hand and hang to dry for the next use.

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