We have no idea what type of cage you own and cannot guarantee it can/will withstand, nor uphold the weight and/or vibration of the wheel. It is possible that side mounted wheels will break the welds on some of the smaller wired cages and recommend moving the side mount to different locations in your cage to prevent continued stress on one spot. A good time to do this would be when cleaning the cage!

Interested in a NEW TITAN WHEEL COLOR?  We will gladly bring in a new color for a minimum quantity of 400 pre-orders.  Talk to us about the possibilities!

While we make every attempt to have the stands sit totally level, they are handmade and not mass produced with precise machinery.   Not all orders take this long, but please allow up to 14 business days for completion. 

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Wheel Locks & Nylon Twists
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Replacement Track
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Removable Bearing Assembly
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Rubber Gasket
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