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Titan w/Stand or Cage Side Mount

Titan w/Stand or Cage Side Mount

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The "Titan" exhibits a bulkier look and feel, which is where the new name was derived. Constructed with a sturdier plastic and features a more rounded appearance.

Wheel Features

Why a Mesh Track? This allows waste and urine to fall through onto the floor of the cage. We now use the mesh connectors. We cannot guarantee how long a track will last, this is fully dependent upon the user.

What are the measurements? The Titan is approximately 12-3/4" in diameter and 9-1/4" deep, with the bearing assembly attached.

Two bearing assemblies are offered, is one better than the other? They function exactly the same. The only difference is that the Removable can come off the wheel for cleaning to ensure water will not get in/on the bearings when washing.

What are the stand options? We offer stands that will work in all cages and with the various pets. The Floor Stand is available as the Standard (raised off floor) or Flat Rectangle which lays flat on the floor. The height of the wheel is approximately 19" off floor, 7-1/2" clearance from bottom of wheel to floor and includes a wheel lock to keep the stand in a secure location. While we make every attempt to have the stands sit totally level, they are handmade and not mass produced with precise machinery. A side mount is attached to the sides of the cage and offers the options of how high or low the wheel can be mounted. Horizontal Side Mount allows the wheel to be mounted close to the floor of the cage and is not visible when looking directly at front of wheel. This is particularly useful when usings for Hedgies and Rats. NOTE: 08/15 We have received a message from one of our customers saying the use of the Horizontal Side Mount causes a greater degree of inward tilting in her cage, please be aware this may be a possibility with the Titan Wheel. Vertical Side Mounts extent approximately 4" below the bottom of wheel, visible when looking at front of wheel and does limit how close the wheel can be to the cage floor. ALL stands have a pvc pipe to mount the wheel, whether it's a tall pipe on the floor stand or the small piece in the side mount. All pipe need to point toward the TOP of the cage otherwise the wheel WILL fall off due to being mounted improperly. There is not difference in the funtionality of the side mounts - both operate in the same manner.

Want to make your wheel a 2-in-1 product? How? By purchasing the WRAB set you can take the wheel off the stand and use it the same as the Run-a-bout, making your wheel a TRUE 2-in-1 product! However, this option is narrower than the actual Run-a-bout due to the track width. The WRAB includes a cover for the front and a wrap for the back. Just remove the wheel from the stand, put on the WRAB, then place on the floor and watch the action! DO NOT use on or near steps as it is unsafe and injuries can occur.

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