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PVC Fittings

PVC Fittings

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Part Number:PVC
  • 3-Way:Corner Connector - Side Outlet Elbow
  • 4-Way:Connector - Side Outlet Tee

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3-Way Connector - Qty 8 [+$9.95]
4-Way Connector: Qty 4 [+$7.95]
Combo: 3-Way/4-Way [+$17.90]
Snap Clamp [+$1.29]
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Connectors for those wishing to build your own frames! All frames, regardless of size will require eight 3-way corner connectors. Larger frames require at least four 4-ways. Connectors are for 1/2" PVC. If you are unsure of exactly what you need, or would like a different combination, please contact me prior to placing your order. Purchase tees locally. If building a frame for your new Glide-arium™ mesh enclosure, please do not build frame until you have received your screen to ensure a quality fit.

Snap Clamps are perfect to use in any pvc framed housing.  Just wrap fabric around the pipe and SNAP on the clamp to hold it in place.  Some have built ledges and/or frames for use within their cages, this would be an awesome addition to the decorating possibilities or maybe they will just create a little spark to some creativity!

3 Way Connector: 1/2" Slip, Slip, Slip.  Qty 8

4 Way Connector: 1/2" Slip, Slip, Slip, Slip.  Qty 4

Combo Pack contains (8) 3 way and (4) 4 way fittings

Snap Clamp for 1/2" pipe x 4" long.  Qty 2

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