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Carrier 12" x 7"
Travel Carrier

Carrier 12" x 7"

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Part Number:GT: Carrier
  • Authorized 08/02/15 :Shelly Sterk, Glider Nursery
  • Color:Black
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This product listing is for the Glide-arium Mesh Travel Carrier 

Glide-ariums are excellent for travel, very lightweight, easy to put together and tearing down for storage is a breeze!

Made of sturdy vinyl coated polyester.  Comes with a frame that was specifically made for that particular product, so it is tested and guaranteed to fit your Carrier.  Each includes the carry strap, a travel water bottle and 2 Snap Hooks with C-Links to hold a cage pouch.  Standard color for the carriers are Black, any additional colors will be added to the Ready to Ship page as they are sewn.

  • Travel Carrier measures 12" x 12" x 7"
  • Bags are designed to open from the front.  If they you want this to open from the TOP please put a note in the comment section.

WARNING: These are not safe to use with heat bulbs

More Information can be found here

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