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2-in-1 Conversion Cover

2-in-1 Conversion Cover

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Part Number:WRAB
  • Apollo:Same size/style as Custom Choice Cruiser, Stealth and Raptor
  • Titan:Wider Rim Style

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Wheel Size/Type
12" Titan
12" Apollo
SM 9" Wheel
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WRAB allows you the opportunity to use your wheel as a Run-a-bout (floor roller)!  

The 2 in 1 Conversion Cover consists of two pieces:   
  • Wheel Front Cover - Mesh Center with Fleece outer edge that slips over the open front of the wheel and a 
  • Wrap for the back of the wheel (which allows the wheel to sit evenly on the floor).
How to use:
  • Take the wheel off the stand
  • Place the wrap onto back of the wheel
  • Put the front cover over half of the open front
  • Place your pet inside, then finish putting the cover on
  • Put the wheel on the floor
  • Watch the action happen!
DO NOT use the wheel on a table or near steps to avoid risk of falling where injuries can occur.

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